Dryland and CMC

We are proud to be associated with Dryland Event Management to bring you the virtual version of their flagship races on Zwift. Scroll down for more information on how to enter, how to join the races on Zwift and how to log your results.

Our Sponsors

Exciting spot prizes are up for grabs from our loyal partners at First Ascent and Biogen

Our Events

Virtual Race – Zwift-14
Virtual Race – Zwift-15
Virtual Race – Zwift-16
Virtual Race – Zwift-17

Our events all follow the same basic format:

  • Each event (or each stage for a multi-stage event) consists of a designated Zwift route that must be completed on the date of the event or stage.
  • The route must be completed before the specified cut-off time and results submitted within two hours after the cut-off to be eligible for the event or stage prizes.
  • The route must be completed on a MTB in the virtual world (you can use any type of bicycle on your trainer).
  • Route details can be found on the specific event page.
  • Results can be submitted in two ways:
    1. Automatically (preferred option) - by linking your Zwift account to your Strava account and giving our timing partner - Uwe Koetter - access to read your events by clicking this link.
    2. Manually - by submitting your event results using this form
Tankwa Trek
Attakwas Extreme
Cradle Traverse

How To Enter

Event Format


The Dryland Event Management Virtual Events are done on specified Zwift routes that must be completed on the race date before the specified cut-off time.

We suggest that you ride the routes together with other participants in Zwift meet-ups hosted by Cape Multisport Club (CMC) for a race-feeling.

You are also welcome to do the routes in your own time - as long as you complete the route on the specified date within the cut-off time.

Enter as you would any Dryland event at https://entries.dryland.co.za/events.

Our virtual events are free of charge.

You will receive an email as confirmation of your successful registration to the event as well as all the details of the courses and instructions to joining our CMC-hosted Zwift meetups for the event.


How To Ride | Equipment Required

  • A smart trainer or -
  • A traditional trainer with either a power meter, or a speed and cadence sensor.
  • A bicycle to mount on your trainer or any unassisted pedal cycle, as long as compatible, will do.
  • A Zwift subscription.
  • A device that can run the Zwift app and pair to your trainer, power meter, speed and cadence sensors.
  • More details can be found here.

How To Ride | Hosted Meetups


CMC will be hosting groups (called “Meet-ups” in Zwift) at the specified times for each event. The details, including host names, will be included with your entry confirmation email.

Hosting is typically done by either Jacques Joubert [CMC], Cobus Potgieter [CMC] or Johann de Wet [CMC] - feel free to follow us on Zwift so we can invite you to our meetups.

While not mandatory, these groups are a more sociable way of completing the virtual events. The Meetup will automatically stick to the selected route for the event, so participants can be sure they are on the right track.