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The CMC Game of Stones was launched on 2019 for the mountain bikers of the Cape Multisport Club as a way to have bit of friendly competition as well as grow the MTB aspect of CMC. The league is structured so that riders of all fitness levels can compete by using a system of rider seedings / handicaps (see “Rules and FAQ” for detail).

After the success of the pilot we are expanding it in 2020 and opening up participation to everyone – not only CMC members. We are introducing more events, as well as adding dedicated club rides to give participants more chances to earn league points, without the cost of participating in an organized event.

The main aim of the CMC Game of Stones, though, is to have fun, encourage participation and get like-minded people together doing what they love. Sure, we have trophies and prizes on offer, but we believe the experiences and friendships built is the biggest reward!

Participation is FREE, so ENTER NOW!

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For 2020 the Game of Stones consists of 21 events over 19 dates, split 50/50 between organized races and dedicated CMC club rides (see ‘Events and Routes’ page). This is done to manage the cost to participants and make the League more inclusive. While participation in the CMC Game of Stones is free, the cost of organized races can add up! The CMC club rides will be free to join – although there may be trail fees (e.g. day licenses) payable to trails if riders are not paid up members of a specific trail network (like Tygerberg MTB Club, or Bottelary Hills).

The Game of Stones starts in Feb 2020 and runs until 20 September 2020, when it ends with the very popular Karoo to Coast race. We aim to have 2-3 events a month on average.


A full description of the points and handicap system can be found on the ‘Rules and FAQs’ page, but in short participants earn league points for each event they enter. The points you can earn depends on a few things:

Number of participants – the more participants, the more points on offer
Rider seeding – a weighting applied to results to ensure everyone can compete – think ‘golf handicap’
Bonus points of offer for submission of pictures / stories / etc

The Full Monty

Extensive details on the origin, history, rules and more can be found here.


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Next Event

22 August 2020. Ride to Hermanus.








Download MTB route here.

Download the Road route here.