Running League

CMC Running League

The CMC Running League is a social challenge over 8 weekly events presented by Cape Multisport Club and Uwe Koetter.
Entry is FREE and open to ALL runners.
Compete as an individual, with your 6 best results contributing to your final result. Results are adjusted via a handicap system, so everyone can compete.
Events are automatically timed using the Strava API – remember to connect your account!
You can complete the designated segment any time in the week, Mon-Fri. Organized pack runs take place on Thursdays. No mass starts – complete the designated Strava segment at any time during the week, as many times as you like. Run in a group of friends or on your own. Best time for the week counts.

Season 1 starts 03 May 2021!

Event details

The nitty gritty


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The Routes

03 May – 07 May 2021: Time Trial Loop (5km)
10 May – 14 May 2021: Protea Run (5km)
17 May – 21 May 2021: Racecourse Run (5km)
24 May – 28 May 2021: Parker Downhill Run (2.5km)
31 May – 04 June 2021: Barra TT Loop (5km)
07 June – 11 June 2021: Protea Run (5km)
14 June – 18 June 2021: Racecourse Run (5km)
21 June – 25 June 2021: Parker Downhill Run (2.5km)

The Rules

The CMC Running League is a social challenge aimed at getting runners out on the road to challenge themselves to improve – and have some friendly competition to boot. It is not a race – please don’t take it too seriously!

Anyone can enter at no cost – regardless of team, club affiliation or fitness level.
The planned routes and Strava segments will be published on the website and confirmed ahead of time. In case of adverse weather we may decide to adjust the dates – this will be communicated on the relevant website(s) and groups, but in all honesty…you have a week!

Provisional results will be available on the website as activities are uploaded. The cutoff for uploading activities is the Saturday afternoon following the event. Final results will be verified and published on the weekend following the event.

Spirit of the runs

This is a friendly league and we expect runners to participate in the spirit of fairness and honesty. No outside assistance. If you need to wonder if it’s allowed, it’s probably not. If there are any questions, please reach out to the organizers – their decision will be final.


This cannot be stressed enough. BE SAFE. No event or challenge is worth getting injured over. Obey the rules of the road. Consider traffic and other road users. Be sensible out there.

Handicap details

Your elapsed time (“result”) for the specified Strava segment will be adjusted by factoring in a handicap to produce an “adjusted_result” used to determine League results. Your handicap is calculated by comparing your result to a predetermined benchmark result for the Strava segment. The percentage difference is used as your handicap to adjust your results down. Think “golf handicap”. If you do not have a handicap yet, your first League event will be used to calculate your handicap.

Handicaps will be recalculated every Sunday, based on the previous weeks’ results. For the duration of a League, your handicap can only be adjusted downwards (we are all trying to improve, right!).


The inaugural event is held around the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town (home base of CMC), but we are already talking to our running friends a bit further afield. Depending on the interest we are considering expanding in future. Watch this space…