Frequently Asked Questions


Answers to Common Problems.

1Error. Query Not Executed.
This means your account has already been connected. If you have taken part in any of the previous Dryland Virtual Events, the Hero Night Series presented by Uwe Koetter, the #Lockdown Challenge, Flatrock Festival or DC Challenge, your account should already be connected.
2Results Not Available?
Did you connect your Strava account to before the activity or ride? If yes, have you uploaded your activity to Strava? If yes, have you waited 5 - 7 minutes following the end of your ride for your results to display? If yes, is your Strava and Zwift time zone set to CAT? if yes, still no results?
3Connected Your Account AFTER the Ride/Activity?
We need to import your activities. Please go to ...... enter your Strava Id and the date of the activity and click import.